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General Terms and Conditions

Updated 2022-08-22

These General Terms and Conditions apply on condition that Scandraft AB and the Customer have not signed other written agreements. The Customer shall read and approve these General Terms and Conditions before placing each order.

1. Quotes, Prices, etc.

Scandraft AB is bound solely by written contracts, quotes and order confirmations. Scandraft AB’s quotes remain valid for 30 days from the date of issue. Any alterations to quotes given by Scandraft AB are only valid inwriting. Devaluation and currency changes, and changes in customs duties, sales taxes, excise taxes, other public charges or changed cost situation for Scandraft AB, for example higher delivery prices and supplier prices, wage increases, which result in increased costs for the delivery fulfilment, will entitle Scandraft AB to raise the agreed price. All prices are exclusive of VAT (currently 25%), excise taxes and any other public charges. All sales are in SEK unless otherwise agreed. Scandraft AB will not be held liable for fluctuating prices that are beyond Scandraft’s control. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Scandraft will regularly mark up the prices of goods purchased in Euro if the exchange rate rises above a ceiling of 10.40 EUR/SEK. If the exchange rate drops below EUR/SEK 10.40, no markup will be made. The exchange rate is determined on a weekly basis every Monday at 10:00 a.m. and is valid starting from 01-01-2020.

2. Payment

Payment shall be made fifteen (15) days from the invoice date. Delayed payment will incur interest on overdue payment currently standing at 1.25 per cent per commenced month plus a statutory reminder fee currently standing at SEK 60. An administration fee of SEK 16 are added for all invoices and SEK 30 is charged for all paper invoices. Scandraft AB reserves the right to seek credit information on customers and, if necessary, demand security for the fulfilment of payment. Should acceptable security not be forthcoming, Scandraft AB reserves the right to cancel the purchase. All products delivered will remain the sole property of Scandraft AB until payment has been made in full. Scandraft AB reserves the right to reclaim products that have not been paid for in full.


3. Delivery and Shipment

Delivery is ex-works from Scandraft’s warehouse. Delivery will be made by a transport company chosen by Scandraft AB; post or lorry freight. CIF deliveries are made solely by carriers contracted by Scandraft AB. If the Customer requires a different carrier, the Customer shall pay the shipping costs. CIF deliveries are only valid for orders containing sheet material of measurements below 80 x 120 cm and materials with measurements below 160 cm. If Scandraft AB ships merchandise via the Customer’s own contracted carrier (consignee freight), packaging, pallet costs and other extra costs will be charged separately. If goods are delivered via drop shipping (delivery straight from the producer), a delivery charge will be applied. Deliveries in Gothenburg by Scandraft’s own vehicle carry a delivery charge of currently SEK 250 for small merchandise and SEK 695 for all other merchandise. For particularly delicate merchandise, nonreturnable special packaging will be debited. The cost of transporting hazardous merchandise and any environmental charge for, for example, packaging, is always debited. Merchandise transported by Scandraft AB is covered by a freight insurance. Upon receipt of the merchandise, the customer is obliged to check for transportation damage, immediately report any damage directly to the driver and write their observations on the consignment note. Scandraft AB is not liable for transportation damage. Damaged packaging must be saved until the issue is resolved. During transportation from the Customer to Scandraft AB, the Customer shall be liable for any damage to, or loss of, merchandise. For non-claimed 2021-10-071 merchandise, the total freight cost, administrative costs and other costs will be invoiced in arrears, a minimum of SEK 500. 4. Replacement Items Scandraft AB reserves the right to make changes to the product range without prior notice.


4. Replacement items

Scandraft AB reserves the right to make changes to the product range without prior


5. Claims and Returns.

All claims for damaged or faulty merchandise and all invoice queries shall be submitted in writing to Scandraft AB without delay and within a maximum of five (5) days from the date of delivery. Faulty merchandise is returned pre-paid by a mode of transport decided by Scandraft AB together with the return note received from Scandraft AB. Pre-paid in this instance means free of charge to the Customer. Faulty merchandise must not be sent collection on delivery (COD). Claims for damaged or faulty merchandise may not made until approved by Scandraft AB. The Customer is entitled to cancel and/or return the ordered merchandise after written approval from Scandraft AB (repurchase). In the event of returns, the customer will be refunded the invoiced amount minus a 20% deduction, but SEK 200 minimum. All returns shall be accompanied by the return note with a return merchandise authorization number (RMA number) provided by Scandraft AB). Returned merchandise shall be dispatched undamaged in the original packaging. Return carriage shall be paid by the Customer. Repurchases shall be returned within 14 days of Scandraft AB approving the repurchase. Repurchase is not valid for specially ordered merchandise and processed products.


6. Limitations of Liability

Delivered merchandise, which at the time of delivery was marred by flaws directly attributable to material defects and/or workmanship, will be replaced by Scandraft AB with a flawless product. Scandraft AB’s total liability of any kind is always limited to the purchase price of the merchandise. Over and above this the Customer is not entitled to any further compensation. Compensation for any claims is considered as goodwill on the part of Scandraft AB and should never be regarded as admission of liability or fault other than that acknowledged in writing by Scandraft AB. Over and above this, Scandraft AB shall not be made liable in any way for faults in the delivered merchandise, delivery delays or non-delivered merchandise. In addition, Scandraft AB shall not be made liable for any damage to property or injury, financial damage or similar, directly or indirectly, incurred, brought about by loss of profit, loss of income, increased costs, etc. Published details about Scandraft AB’s products derive wherever applicable from Scandraft AB’s various suppliers. This information does not in any way constitute a guarantee from Scandraft AB that the merchandise complies fully with the information provided by the supplier. It is up to the Customer to verify that the product meets all of the supplier-specified conditions. Based on the variety of uses for the product and the development of new applications, the Customer should carefully assess the suitability of the product for its intended use. Technical advice provided by Scandraft AB is based on the knowledge of the products and the application areas possessed by Scandraft AB at the time. The technical advice is thus not a guarantee or pledge as to the special properties or application areas of the products. It is up to the Customer to ensure that the products are suitable for their specific needs and application areas.


7. Warranties

Scandraft AB undertakes, free of cost to the Customer, to remedy manufacturing faults in machine equipment within 12 months of the delivery date, and within 3 months for used equipment. Parts that under Scandraft AB’s warranty are delivered in exchange or remade, come under the same warranty as 2021-10-071 the original product. The warranty does not cover accessories, articles of consumption and wearing parts. The warranty is only valid for claims made within 14 days of the fault being identified. The warranty does not cover faults caused by abnormal wear, accident, negligence and wrong use of the equipment. The warranty is not valid for faults caused by interference or repairs carried out by non-Scandraft AB staff. The warranty only covers merchandise of a quality that is approved by Scandraft AB.


8. Delivery Monitoring

Scandraft reserves the right to backorder or cancel orders for merchandise that is out of stock. If the item is expected to come into stock within a reasonable time, it will be backordered and delivered at no additional cost to the customer as soon as possible. Carriage will be charged for orders outside of Scandraft AB’s normal product range.


9. Unforeseen Events

Parties shall not be held liable for non-fulfilment of their obligations due to events that are beyond their control, such as labor disputes, terrorism, war, suppliers’ problems, transportation or production problems, currency fluctuations, government action, legislation and natural disasters. Parties shall be entitled to a reasonable time extension to fulfil their obligations, but anything longer than 60 days entitles Parties to, in writing, cancel the purchase, thus wavering their right to compensation.


10. Other information

These Terms and Conditions must not be changed in any shape or form by Scandraft AB after a customer has placed an order. When placing an order with Scandraft AB, the Customer shares specific company data. This entails the Customer approving the storing and use of this data in Scandraft AB’s operations in order for Scandraft AB to fulfil its obligations towards the Customer. Scandraft AB cannot be held responsible for writing and printing errors and sold out products.


11. Disputes

Disputes shall be settled by a district court.



All tips, advice and specifications in this web site should only be considered as advisory. Scandraft AB offers no guarantees for the accuracy of the information on the web site. Scandraft AB reserves the right to change specifications and prices without prior notice. All prices on the web site are in SEK and exclusive of VAT and freight charges. Scandraft AB accepts no responsibility for writing errors. The durability specifications are for unprinted material, vertically mounted by a specialist and unaffected by external factors.