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General Terms and Conditions

Updated 06-11-2023

The parties referred to in the following General Terms and Conditions are Scandraft AB, Co. Reg. No. 556254-8361 (“Scandraft”) and the customer. 

All Parties mentioned above are referred to individually as “Party” or “the Party” and jointly as “the Parties”.

These General Terms and Conditions only apply in the version that is valid at the time when the order is placed. The customer has the opportunity to read these Terms and Conditions in connection with each order. The customer is considered to have accepted these General Terms and Conditions once an order has been placed, regardless of the process used. These General Terms and Conditions do not apply if the Parties have agreed to other terms and conditions in writing. Scandraft will not accept differing terms and conditions from the customer unless Scandraft has agreed to them in writing. Documents containing terms and conditions that differ from the present ones shall only prevail if this is expressly stated, and if the parts of the General Terms and Conditions that do not apply between the Parties are clearly indicated.

1. Quotes, Prices, etc.

1.1.    Scandraft is only bound by a quote for 30 days from the date of the quote, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Commitments undertaken in parallel with an quote, order confirmation and/or these General Terms and Conditions shall only be binding for Scandraft insofar as agreed in writing through contracts, quotes and order confirmations.
1.2.    Any modifications to quotes issued by Scandraft are only valid in writing. Information regarding weight, dimensions, capacity, etc. in catalogues, prospectuses, circulars, etc. is approximate, and is only binding insofar as agreed in writing. 

1.3.    Changes in customs duties, sales taxes, excise taxes, other public charges or Scandraft’s cost situation, e.g. in the form of increased delivery prices, supplier prices or wages, which result in increased costs for delivery, devaluation and currency changes, shall entitle Scandraft to increase quoted amounts or agreed prices. 

1.4.    All prices are exclusive of VAT and other taxes or public charges. All sales are in SEK unless otherwise agreed. Scandraft shall not be held liable for price fluctuations that are beyond Scandraft’s control. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Scandraft will regularly mark up prices of goods purchased in Euro if the exchange rate rises above a ceiling of 11.50 EUR/SEK. Scandraft currently applies a currency range of 11.30–11.70 EUR/SEK. This means that a price markup is applied if the exchange rate rises above EUR/SEK 11.70. The exchange rate is determined on a weekly basis every Monday at 10:00 a.m.


2. Payment

2.1    Payment shall be made within 15 days from the invoice date. Delayed payment will incur penalty interest, which is currently 1.25 per cent per commenced month, plus a statutory reminder fee, which is currently SEK 60. An administration fee, currently SEK 16, is charged for all invoices, and SEK 30 is charged for paper invoices. 

2.2    Scandraft reserves the right to perform credit checks on customers and, if necessary, request security to ensure payment. Should adequate security not be provided, Scandraft reserves the right to cancel the purchase. 

2.3    All products delivered will remain the property of Scandraft until payment is made in full. Scandraft reserves the right to demand adequate security until payment has been made in full. If adequate security approved by Scandraft is not promptly provided, Scandraft shall have the right to cancel the purchase. In the event of such cancellation, the customer must immediately return the unpaid goods to Scandraft. Scandraft also has the right to reclaim the goods if payment for the goods is not received. 

2.4    All invoice queries must be submitted in writing to Scandraft without delay and within a maximum of five (5) days from the date of delivery, in order for the query to be approved.


3. Delivery and Shipment

3.1    The delivery terms are EXW, INCOTERMS 2020. 

3.2    The final destination must be added to the delivery terms in the order confirmation. 

3.3    Delivery is ex-works from Scandraft’s warehouse or a specified location. Delivery will be carried out by a transport company chosen by Scandraft, by post or by lorry. 

i)    EXW delivery
EXW deliveries are made solely by carriers contracted by Scandraft. EXW means that Scandraft is responsible for making the goods available to the customer at the indicated location, and all risks and costs are transferred to the customer from the time when the goods become available according to these terms and conditions.  

EXW deliveries are only valid for orders containing sheet material of measurements below 80 x 120 cm (“small goods”) and materials with measurements below 160 cm (“other goods”). 

The customer will be charged for any goods that exceed the applicable measurements.

ii)    Delivery through the customer’s carrier
If the customer requires EXW delivery to be carried out by a different carrier than the one used by Scandraft, the Customer shall pay the shipping costs. 

If Scandraft ships goods via the Customer’s own contracted carrier (consignee shipping), packaging, pallet costs and other extra costs will be charged separately. 

iii)    Drop shipping
If goods are delivered via drop shipping (delivery straight from the producer), a delivery charge will be applied. 

iv)    Deliveries within Sweden
Deliveries within Sweden by Scandraft’s own vehicle carry a delivery charge of currently SEK 250 for small goods and SEK 695 for all other goods. For particularly delicate goods, non-returnable special packaging will be charged for. The cost of transporting hazardous goods and any environmental charge for, for example, packaging, is always debited. 

v)    Delivery obstructions
In the event of any obstructions to delivery, e.g. failure to be present when the goods are delivered or incorrect address, the costs will be charged. The customer is responsible for booking a new delivery time. 

Costs for delivery obstructions will be charged regardless of their cause.  

vi)    The customer’s responsibility for received goods
Goods transported by Scandraft are covered by shipping insurance. Upon receipt of the goods, the customer is obliged to check for transportation damage, immediately report any damage directly to the driver and write their observations on the consignment note. 

Scandraft is not liable for damage in transit. 

Damaged packaging must be saved until the issue is resolved. 

The Customer shall be liable for any damage to, or loss of, goods occurring during transport from the Customer to Scandraft. For unclaimed goods, the actual shipping cost, administrative costs and other costs will be invoiced in arrears, with a minimum charge of SEK 500.

4. Replacement items

Scandraft reserves the right to make changes to its product range without prior notice.


5. Claims and returns

5.1    Time
All claims regarding damaged or faulty goods shall be submitted in writing to Scandraft without delay and within a maximum of five (5) days from the date of delivery. 

5.2    Claims and returns must be approved by Scandraft
Claims and returns regarding damaged or faulty goods may not be made until approved by Scandraft. 

Damaged packaging must be saved and included along with the faulty goods claim. 

5.3    Return of faulty goods
Faulty goods must be returned pre-paid by a mode of transport decided by Scandraft, along with the return note received from Scandraft. 

Pre-paid in this instance means free of charge to the Customer.
Faulty goods must not be sent collection on delivery (COD). 

5.4    Cancellation and return of orders
The customer is entitled to cancel and/or return ordered goods subject to written approval from Scandraft (“Cancellation”). In the event of cancellation, the customer will be refunded the invoiced amount minus a levy of 20%, although with a minimum refund amount of SEK 200. 

5.5    The customer’s responsibility
The customer is responsible for following the applicable process as described above. 

When returning goods, the customer must always use a return goods authorisation number (RMA number) provided by Scandraft.

Goods returned by the customer must be dispatched undamaged in the original packaging. 

For cancellation and return of orders, the return shipping must be paid by the customer. 

Cancelled orders must be returned within 14 days of Scandraft approving the cancellation. 

The right to cancel orders does not apply to specially ordered goods and processed products.

5.6    Consequences of failure to follow the process
If the customer sends incorrect goods without Scandraft’s approval or fails to follow the correct process or any instructions provided directly by Scandraft, Scandraft shall have the right to refuse the goods and charge the customer in full. 

Scandraft reserves the right to charge the customer any additional costs arising from the customer’s failure to follow the above process. 


6. Limitations of liability

6.1    If delivered goods are deemed to be faulty at the time of delivery, Scandraft shall replace them with intact goods. Scandraft’s liability only covers faults related to faulty materials. 

This means that Scandraft is not liable for faults arising from other causes, such as usage that is not in line with the instructions, normal wear and tear or inadequate maintenance. Neither is Scandraft liable for faults arising from external modifications or repairs that are not performed by Scandraft or parties approved by Scandraft, incorrect assembly or installation, etc. 

6.2    Scandraft’s total liability of any kind is always limited to the purchase price of the goods. The customer is not entitled to any further compensation, and is never entitled to compensation for working time. 

6.3    Compensation for any claims is considered as goodwill on the part of Scandraft and should never be regarded as admission of liability or fault other than that acknowledged in writing by Scandraft. Over and above this, Scandraft shall not be held liable in any way for faults in the delivered goods, delivery delays or non-delivered goods. 

6.4    In addition, Scandraft shall not be made liable for any damage to property or injury, financial damage or similar, directly or indirectly, incurred, brought about by loss of profit, loss of income, increased costs, etc. 

6.5    Published details about Scandraft’s products derive wherever applicable from Scandraft’s various suppliers. This information does not in any way constitute a guarantee from Scandraft that the goods comply fully with the information provided by the supplier. It is up to the Customer to verify that the product meets all the supplier-specified conditions. In light of the wide variety of possible uses for each product and the development of new possible uses, the Customer should carefully assess the suitability of the product for its intended use. 

6.6    Technical advice provided by Scandraft at any given time is based on the knowledge that Scandraft has at that time regarding the products and their areas of application. The technical advice does thus not constitute a guarantee or commitment regarding the products’ specific properties or areas of application. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that the products are suited to the Customer’s specific needs and intended application areas.


7. Guarantee

Scandraft undertakes, free of charge to the Customer, to remedy manufacturing faults in machine equipment within 12 months of the delivery date, and within 3 months for used equipment. Replacement parts or modified parts that are supplied under Scandraft’s warranty, are covered by the same warranty as the original product. 

The warranty does not cover advice, accessories, consumables and wear parts. The warranty is only valid for claims made within 14 days after the fault was or should have been discovered. 

The warranty does not cover faults caused by abnormal wear, accidents, negligence and incorrect use. 

The warranty is not valid for faults caused by modifications or repairs carried out by non-Scandraft staff. 

The warranty only covers goods of a type and quality that is approved by Scandraft.

8. Delivery monitoring

Scandraft reserves the right to backorder or cancel orders for goods that are out of stock. If the item is expected to come into stock within a reasonable time, it will be backordered and delivered at no additional cost to the customer as soon as possible. Shipping will be charged for orders outside Scandraft’s normal product range.


9. Unforeseen Events

Neither Party shall be held liable to the other Party for failure or delay in fulfilling their obligations towards each other due to circumstances beyond their reasonable control such as industrial action, pandemics, acts of terrorism, war, problems with suppliers, transport or production, exchange rate fluctuations, government intervention, legislation or natural disasters (“Force Majeure Event”). A Party prevented from fulfilling its obligations due to a Force Majeure Event must immediately inform the other party of this and take reasonable action to remove or resolve the obstacle preventing fulfilment of the obligations. Both Parties shall be entitled to a reasonable time extension to fulfil their obligations. However, any period longer than 60 days entitles either Party to cancel the purchase/sale in writing, thus waiving their right to compensation.


10. Other information

Scandraft may not change these Terms and Conditions in any way after the Customer has placed an order. 

When placing an order with Scandraft the Customer shares specific company data. This entails the Customer approving the storing and use of this data in Scandraft’s operations in order for Scandraft to fulfil its obligations towards the Customer. Scandraft’s Privacy Policy is available on Scandraft’s website.

Scandraft disclaims responsibility for writing and printing errors and for sold out products.

11. Disputes

These General Terms and Conditions and the rights and obligations related thereto shall be governed by Swedish substantive law. Disputes regarding the interpretation or application of these General Terms and Conditions and the rights and obligations related thereto shall be resolved by a Swedish court of law.



All tips, advice and specifications in this catalogue are to be considered as merely advisory. Scandraft AB offers no guarantees for the accuracy of the information in the catalogue. The prices are valid from 1 January 2024 and are approximate with reservation for price and currency fluctuations. Scandraft AB reserves the right to change specifications and prices without prior notice. All prices in the catalogue are in SEK and exclusive of VAT and shipping charges. Scandraft AB accepts no responsibility for printing and writing errors. The durability specifications are for unprinted material, vertically mounted by a specialist and unaffected by external factors.