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What is monomeric film

Monomeric films are made of short-chain plasticizers. These short chains do not bind into the film very well. The short-chain plasticizers tend to migrate out of the film and making it brittle. Additionally, monomeric film varies in thickness. It can be a deviation of 10 micron thickness and has a tendency to shrink. Therefore, these films are best for indoor flat applications and have a 2 – 4 year outdoor durability. Monomeric films have a short-term outdoor durability that varies by manufacturer, making them more economical.


-Tends to shrink
-Flat short-term applications
-Short outdoor durability
-Economically priced


What is polymeric film

Calendered Polymeric films are made of long-chain plasticizers that bind well into the film. This bond prevents the plasticizers from migrating. Polymeric film feels softer than monomeric film. Polymeric film is normally 60 – 80 microns thick, is more stable, and is less likely to shrink. For this reason, polymeric film is good for both indoor and outdoor applications including mild curves. Polymeric film usually has a medium-term outdoor durability of 5 – 7 years, which is longer than monomeric film.


-Less shrinkage
-Mild / soft curves medium-term applications
-Good outdoor durability
-Moderately priced

What is cast film

With cast films, the PVC is poured as a liquid paste onto a casting paper. This goes through a (long) oven, and after this process you have the cast film that is afterwards delaminated from its casting paper. Now the adhesive layer can be applied onto the film. The advantage? The films are shrink-resistant because they are not put under tension. Because they are thinner and more flexible, they can also be applied to three-dimensional substrates. In addition, cast films are resistant to chemical reactions (such as UV radiation from sunlight) Due to their dimensional stability, cast films are widely used for complex shapes such as 3D surfaces. Ideal for wrapping cars and vans. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor long-term applications.


-Thin and flexible
-Long term applications outdoor
-Chemical resistance