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Display sheets


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Plastic sheet material

PVC Foam sheets

High quality, lightweight expanded rigid PVC sheets for indoor and outdoor use

Acrylic sheets

PERSPEX®. acrylic sheet is recognised as a premium product, one of the best quality acrylic materials in the world. Continuous innovation over the past years has resulted in the creation of a wide spectrum of products. we offer both extruded and cast sheets.

Polyester sheets (PET)

From well known brands we offer both A-PET and PET-G thermoplastic polyester sheets. Characterized by their impressive impact strength, outstanding transparency, excellent printability with UV-resistant inks, plus their fast and easy processing options

Aluminum composite

PGM Bond®

aluminium composite panels with high quality polyester coating, specially designed for signage, interior cladding and exterior design. Our sign panels have a variety of bright and saturated colours with matt or gloss finish, perfect for a wide range of creative projects and can be applied for wide range of indoor and outdoor decorative solutions. Aluminium composite panels are ideal for direct digital printing and can easily be cut and used with a routing tool.

Cardboard- and lightweight foam boards


KAPA® delivers the highest aesthetic standards in architectural and design development. Used as a mounting or presentation board, its varied surfaces or the bi-colour effect of the covering layers create attractive contrasts.


With 100% paper and 100% recyclable DISPA® are the sustainable display boards for screen and digital printing. They are made of FSC®‑certified paper (FSC® C127595) and are 100% recyclable. Thanks to the non‑directional core layer of DISPA® display boards, they provide optimal flatness and dimensional stability yet are still lightweight


This extremely lightweight, all-plastic board with weather and UV-resistant cover layers in impact-resistant solid polystyrene (HIPS) and a core of expanded polystyrene is completely insensitive to moisture. These properties mean that it is a lightweight material which can be used in outdoor applications for a period of up to two years without significant colour change.