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Magnetic products


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Magnetic sheets

PGM Magnet Mat can be used for car signs, safety signs, business cards, edging and shelf marking, puzzles etc. Indoor use 0.5 and 0.7 mm thick. Outdoor use 0.86 and 1.1 mm thick.

Tip. During the summer, we recommend that the magnet is not constantly on the car. If you still want to do this, we recommend laminating the magnetic side with 30 mic laminate.

Teslaflex system

Developed by Papergraphics, the Teslaflex system is a unique, printable ferrous film that works with a self-adhesive magnet-receptive base. The system can be applied to any dry, flat, interior surface and prints photographic-quality images. Changing or refreshing sales messages, updating promotional graphics, creating instant impact or reinforcing your brand has never been so quick and easy.

Whether used for point-of-sale, retail display, exhibitions or showrooms, Teslaflex is an intelligent magnetic-display system that is as simple to install as it is efficient.

Magnetic Tape