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Flat keder

A flat piece of flexible plastic is sewn into the edge of your printed textile graphics, allows your soft signage to lock into an aluminum frame. This system creates a tight, strong & sleek finished look. This versatile method enables you to switch out your graphics repeatedly, without having to replace the complete frame system. There are many applications for textile frames, such as: LED frames, backlit & front-lit frames, stand construction, retail & interiors. Flat keder is made of PVC, Silicon or PVC free options like TPE.

Single Flap keder: 

One flap, this style Keder can be welded or sewn to your material. Single Flap Keder comes in 4mm-10mm sizes in white. Industries Single Flap is most used in includes the awning, sign, and banner industries.

Double Flap keder: 

Two flaps, Double Flap Keder ‘sandwiches’ your fabric and then is welded or sewn to your material. This Keder comes in 7mm-12mm sizes in white. Double Flap Keder is commonly used in the awning, sign and banner and tenting & structure industries.

What kind of keder do you have

We have both different plastic keder for sewing mostly printed textiles and

also different types of woven keder that are sewn on banners and mesh, put in aluminum profiles on facades etc.