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Summary of anti-slip ratings for floor laminate products

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DIN 51130

All our floor laminates are currently rated, usually the standard DIN 51130: 2004-6 is used where shoes are used.
Our interpretation of DIN 51130 is that the products are classified between R9 (the lowest) and R13 (the highest).

Floor surfaces classified R9 and R10 are not acceptable in wet, slippery, oily and oily floor conditions in Sweden.

In summary:

  • R9 should only be used for dry areas only and is a high risk in wet areas

  • R10 rated products are for areas that are kept largely dry

  • R11 are for transitional areas that can occasionally be wet and we have a couple of products that meet R11

  • R12 are for wet areas or slopes and R13 for very wet areas or slopes and are not locations where we would recommend floor graphics


The harmonized European standard EN-13036-4: 2011 (similar to BS 7976-2) uses the Pendulum test to assess the surface properties of the floor in both wet and dry conditions.


The pendulum test replicates a heel that hits the floor, as it causes most reasons for slipping.

The tested surface is given a value from 0 to 100, whereby 100 is the one with the best properties. PTVs (Pendulum Test Values) are on wet floors without a slope.

The minimum slip resistance value considered safe for pedestrians is 36 PTV in the worst conditions (wet).


PTVs can be roughly categorized as follows:

PTVs from 0 to 24 have a high risk of slipping where slip damage can almost certainly occur, risk of slipping up to 1 in 20 (approximately equivalent to R9)
PTVs of 25 to 35 have a moderate risk of slipping. Slip risk 1 in 100,000 (approximately equivalent to R10)
PTV of 36 plus is low risk with very rare slip injuries, slip risk 1 in 1,000,000 (approximately equivalent to R11 / R12)
PTVs of 75 plus have an extremely low risk with a risk of slipping very unlikely, slip risk less than 1 in 1,000,000 (approximately equivalent to R13)

DIN 51097

For bare feet, tests are generally performed against DIN 51097 and are then categorized as A (worst), B or C (best).
For areas such as swimming pools, bathrooms, showers, etc., a 'C' rating is recommended.

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