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Acrylic sheets


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What is acrylic sheets

Acrylic is available in two grades, cast and extruded (XT). We mostly stock XT.
Acrylic plastic sheets are used for glazing in many contexts where you want something that is lighter, cheaper, more impact-resistant and has better formability than glass. The material is also a popular material for further shaping into interior design and display products, etc. Some other examples of areas of use are lighting, light signs, displays, brochure racks, furniture, sanitary ware, noise screen, boat windows and more.
Acrylic plastic is a relatively rigid plastic, stiffer than other glass-clear plastics such as polycarbonate and polyesters (PET). It is not very stretchable at room temperature, which means that it can crack during more severe deformations. Acrylic is not as brittle as polystyrene (the glass-clear plastic material that, for example, CD boxes are usually made of) and much more impact-resistant than tempered glass. But the material does not have the same enormously high impact strength as polycarbonate.
Discs are available from 2-25 mm. The tolerance on a cast board is 10% +/- 0.1 mm.
The tolerance on an extruded sheet is +/- 0.1 mm.
The boards are shiny but are available in different variants, for example, matt (satin), uncoloured, colored transparent and completely colored and patterned.


PERSPEX® XT is an extruded acrylic sheet with outstanding performance advantages during fabrication, installation and in use.

Available in a range of clear, opals, selected colours, as well as a single-sided anti-reflective clear, PERSPEX® XT sheets offer excellent thickness tolerance and are extremely easy to vacuum form, making it ideal for applications where complex shapes are required. Add to that brilliant transparency, ease of handling, very good weathering and ageing resistance, and it is easy to see how PERSPEX® XT sheets provide a perfect solution to a wide range of applications. It is ideal for use in signage, displays, skylights, windows, doors and any interior or exterior application.

All PERSPEX® XT sheets are manufactured and audited for quality in compliance with the certified and regularly audited production and quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.


PERSPEX® Cast acrylic sheet is recognised as a premium product, one of the best quality acrylic materials in the world. Continuous innovation over the past years has resulted in the creation of a wide spectrum of products.

These innovative materials are widely used in various areas of application such as architecture, visual communication, shopfitting, furniture construction, and lighting. The versatility of PERSPEX® acrylic sheets offer international designers a valuable source of inspiration.

PERSPEX® acrylic is available in a variety of different colours, tints, textures and effects.

Experts at the in-house laboratory can match almost any colour for unique design concepts. They can also combine colours or create new bespoke hues tailored to customer requirements.

For transforming creative ideas into reality, PERSPEX® is the perfect choice.