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Adjustment of calculation rate 2023-11-23


Our Swedish krona is affected by many factors and weakens or strengthens in more difficult-to-interpret ways than before, but for some time we have seen a stabilization of the Swedish krona against the euro.

For several years, we have calculated gross prices for goods purchased in euros with a base rate of 10.40 EUR/SEK. (Unless otherwise agreed in writing.)

Scandraft continuously follows the currency market and we see that the exchange rate for EUR/SEK from January 2023 to October 2023 was on average 11.53. We have therefore taken a decision to adjust the base rate that we use to calculate our gross prices for goods purchased in euros, from 10.40 to 11.50 EUR/SEK. We are also introducing a currency zone for our customers between the rate 11.30 - 11.70 EUR/SEK.

This means that from November 23 Scandraft will not apply currency surcharges to goods if the exchange rate does not exceed 11.70 EUR/SEK. If nothing else is agreed in writing, Scandraft only applies ongoing currency adjustment to goods purchased in euros and invoiced in SEK if the exchange rate should exceed EUR/SEK 11.70.

""The reason we are changing the base course is to simplify and clarify our documents and the dialogues we have with our customers. Our customers are always most important, therefore we implement this change, we listen to our customers' wishes and adapt to the prevailing currency market situation.''

The course is set weekly at 10 a.m. on Mondays and can always be followed at