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Materials for motorhomes and caravans


Put a personal touch on motorhomes and caravans; it has never been easier than now!

Print wrapping

Motorhomes and caravans can be a challenge with their structured surface and low-energy plastics. ORAJET® 3961GRA and ORAJET® 3106SG are print vinyls recommended especially for applications on polyethylene and polypropylene. In addition, they adhere extra well to uneven and structured surfaces.


Texts, patterns & logos

ORACAL® 961/751C/951 are series of cast cut vinyls, perfect for text, logos and other decor. Available in hundreds of colors.


Special effect wrapping

ORACAL® 975 Structure/970 Special Effect/970 Shift Effect are exciting wrapping materials with different surfaces (e.g. carbon fiber) and different color effects (glitter, color-changing foil).


Solar film

Solar film for vehicles provides a cooler environment and increased comfort, effective privacy protection, increased safety and a more attractive vehicle.